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How to search catalog:  Mostly point and click

  1. "Search By Genre"  Genre can be selected from drop down menu on the left of screen and will populate all music in the catalog for the genre chosen. Keywords can be entered in the box on the right or better yet click on any grouping in Narrow Results window to the left and you can narrow your results further see #5.  Note:  New Releases and custom music are included in Search By Genre tab.
  2. "Search By Volume" tab is used to select the subcategory of music you are looking for.  This tab is organized in the same manner as our hard drives if you are familiar with them.  The drop down menu on the right of screen will populate the music volumes specific to the subcategory chosen. Select your volume and the tracks will appear with the Narrow Results window on the left.  Custom music will be found in this Tab under the category Pre-release/Custom.
  3. "Publishing Info" tab is used by typing track title, volume title, or catalog "BSM" number in the search field to find publisher and P.R.O. information for all music in our catalog.  It will also search on partial names or BSM numbers.
  4. "New Releases" tab contains the newest volumes of music, in various genres. Note:  These volumes are not included in Search by Volume Tab.
  5. "Narrow Results" click on a grouping to drill down on results within the window you are searching.  Click (back) to return to your previous selection.  All groupings are now searchable: Genre, Tempo, Instruments or Tags.

Auditioning Music:

Once your search is done, each selection shown in the results screen can be listened to by pressing the triangular "PLAY" button and titles can be downloaded by pressing the "DOWNLOAD" arrow button. The "My Music" or "MM" icon can be used to add/save a track to your custom folder.

Tips for finding volumes rolled out of new releases tab into production categories:

1. Search for CD in the chronological list in Search by Volume - volumes are sorted from newest to oldest by release.

2. Search for CD in the alphabetical list in Search by Volume.

3. Search by Genre - click SEARCH with search criteria empty and the newest CDs sort to the top – this list will include the new releases first!

4. Type the CD name or track title in publishing tab. You can drill to the volume window by clicking on CD title.

***Please contact us for a userid and password if you need access to this site